Not sure how or why I did what I had no choice but to do, though there can be no doubt I learned. 12 focused hours pursuing adult content on-line for educational purposes and I am left with more questions than answers. Though I made a vow of personal touching prohibition, violating the prohibition only 3 times seems like an accomplishment — as having fought 3 hard intrusions into submission in 12 hours must also be considered an accomplishment. Still confused about the whole thing.

Why does one want the world to watch them be ‘intimate’? Clearly intimate is not the appropriate word choice... Still, do so many women have daddy issues or is this simply the maturation of society’s move toward the look-at-me! culture? Of course, we know why men do it... We know.

There is something very hollow about the content. People stop interacting with one another in pursuit of actually touching a partner to touch themselves. Some would say it makes for a more ‘polite’ society, but in reality it breeds a disconnected, dishonest society, where needs are dismissed and placated by the lonely self. And yet the desire to sexually stimulate the brain has been throughout time the motivator of a significant amount of technological advancement. So, of course the sexbot is coming!

Once the sex-bot hits the market, those who are marketing themselves solely as vehicles of sex will be pushed out of the market. Sure humans will be cheaper than machines, but if they have nothing more to offer than the machines... It would appear that we are at the end of the species when machines and the self catch the lightening juice meant for the creation of life. Alas, this sounds like stupidity — a nice name for evil — but needs will be served, until there is little left to survive.

Twelve hours of observation. What has been learned: enjoy the moment, the reality, the touch, because it will be fake soon enough...except for he of thee...