This is not a healthy relationship. The issue of right and wrong is tossed aside for the enjoyment of a sweet treat. Yes, it tastes good, but it could be wrecking me from the inside, like diabetes. But stop? Noooo...

Thinking of my favorite treat, something that feeds the senses and gives life purpose. It is already my favorite dish, but now there is another dish. The new dish is the same thing, but while enjoying its goodness it turns nasty, bitter, but only for a minute or so. When the bitterness goes away, the intensity of flavors and enjoyment of the dish increases tenfold. You know you still enjoy the original dish, and that it will always be there. The new dish could disappear at any moment and you may never have it again. Even if you find out the bitterness is a small amount of poison, can you not help but allow yourself the experience while it is available.

Yes, it sounds dangerous, almost like a junky looking for another fix, but as I will not be a monk, I profess my addiction to the sweet chewy candy that brings the world so much joy and heartache, even if it is spiked with a dash of poison — though it could be my lack of candy sampling experience. I can sense by the direction of her arguments, a confrontation of desire will ensue.

The dish.

Add spice.

The argument.

The escalation.

Now she is insulting me, viciously.

It is nice that I do not have to do much except toss back the occasional insult of disgust and filth to do my part in racing her engine...words carved for her use.

She is getting riled up good.

She is throwing things.

Here comes the charge.

This candy has nuts!

She is swinging away.

A pause to breathe, her chest heaving to-and-fro to catch a breath.

Now the guilt, the apology, the kiss, the caress.


The candy is hot, sticky, dripping and unwrapped.

I can take it from here. That is what she wants, but there are demands. She feels guilty and wants to assuage her guilt, so demands it is forcefully kneaded out of her chewiness. But today there is another demand...unexpected!

“Pull my hair!”

A creature of kindness creation is in conflict when asked to do something that harms in the quest of good... Clearly, this is not the moment to question her motives and desires. There is nothing left to do but give, give until it hurts, as she requested. It is time to pull.

“Harder! Harder! Pull it HARDER!

The mighty hands of justice grab, filling, pulling, angry that the doings of good are being used to cause pain, yet clearly aware the torture is bringing about joy. She ejaculates with noises that are the sounds of ecstasy, not suffering. This is good! It sounds like the balancer of scales is again doing good! There is a surge of energy, anger and confusion, culminated by bliss as the candy goes limp.

Undoubtedly, this candy has nuts, but it is the most remarkable treat I never thought I would experience...and t has become my greatest enjoyment.

The boundaries fall. Conflicted. We are always conflicted...

I would fear what may be next, but find curiosity far more comforting than fear.

Oh, the agony and ecstasy of conflict in motion...