Sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle in stop and go traffic can be boring, fortunately there are bumper stickers to read.

'War Can Be Over!', the bumper sticker dramatically proclaimed in bold, bright yellow lettering, but there was small print underneath. A caveat, to be sure, so judgment of truth would have to wait.

'IF YOU WANT IT TO BE', the small print spelled out, not readily readable as we nearly collided with the small wanna-SUV. Quick judgment caused a rash condemnation to be spewed upon other motored minions — even the just get tired and cranky, but it was a stupid statement, just as inappropriately made in black and white as the small text on the bumper sticker.

After entertaining and belittling banter, I offered to fellow passengers a more thoughtful perspective: “Technically, the cowardly man's bumper sticker is correct. War is over when you decide to surrender, and for many that is not only a decision, it is a way of life. So, yes, war is over if you want it to be, you just have to be willing to surrender. What a non-existence. What a victim's paradise.”

There should be a disclaimer for many who profess their belief in the end of war. When others fight war and you reap the securing benefits of the warriors as you stand behind their strength means you support war. If you are truly against war, stand on the side that is to be slaughtered, stand on the side of evil and profess your stance on war — yes, we know, you'll have an epiphany, and your great cowardice will surprise no one except yourself and others of moronic ilk.

When man speaks, his words only have meaning if they reflect his actions. Too often, men speak to disguise their actions. The truth of one is in his actions...always.