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From: "joe mama" <      @hotmail.com>
To: <thecaptain@captainforehead.com>
Subject: to captain foreskin
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 20:02:33 -0800

Why do you think you're cool? You're probably just some dude that stays in his house all day long doing nothing thinking about what to put on his crappy website. Your next log will probably be in the porcelain thrown. Nobody really cares or looks at your website, and the people that do look at it are probably your close relatives and friends. I bet if you were in public and tried to say those smart ass remarks, you would get your ass kicked by a very angry tall 220 pound 25 year old. People like you need to learn what hard work is. I bet you drink michelobe ultra light beer. Your doctor probably rips you off and tells you to buy all these pills that you don’t need. When you go to a party, you think its cool to play party games like sharades and crap like that. Ok captain foreskin, im gonna log off now.


The Captain chose not to respond to the awkward adolescent's evil envy of all that is longer than his phallic fear.

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